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The way that this one man band has managed to create a beautifully atmospheric and surreal story with great voice acting for every character, but especially Howie, is beyond me. The use of the 1st person narrative, which I don’t see a lot in podcasts, is used amazingly to establish the unreliable narrator and always leaves me a little unsure of what is actually real and what is Howie hallucinating. Dark but in a cheerfully light way. The glowing whale bones religion holds a special place in my heart.

Very hard to describe this show

The humor is unmatched. Fun story, engaging mystery, outstanding narration, and most of all it’s brilliantly weird! Only complaint is that I have to wait 2 weeks for a new episode.


This show is strangely addicting. Glad I found it.

Plucky Doom

My favorite kind of entertainment is the kind that manages to combine two opposite qualities into one gripping product. I mean, life is pretty much a bunch of elements that shouldn't work together but must. I like the Milkman of St. Gaffs's because it expertly pulls off the feeling of two things existing at once: dread and politeness. You feel it when you listen and that's about the best I can say about any entertainment!

Lovecraft meets Kafka Fantasy Horror!

When I read the description and heard the Trailer of this Podcast, I Knew that I had to listen. It’s a kooky premise (MILKMEN!) and I love the Narrator’s Voice. I found this HIDDEN GEM via Twitter. Every Sunday I go looking for new Fiction using #AudioDramaSunday ! Then I share the wealth on Podcast Recommendation sites like LIKEWISE & Goodpods. Not ALL of the BEST are on the Top of Apple Podcasts Lists. We will get them there.


The more I listened the more I had to hear. I gave the first episode some ear. I kind of scoffed and said, “At least give the second episode a chance.” That is how it went for me. It turned out, I really enjoyed this podcast. This was a pretty good adventure. It was really nice, give it a try.

Wow, what a great trip!

I start a lot of podcasts. Looking for immersive fiction, fantasy, and humor. This one nailed everything. To date it’s the only podcast I’ve listened to every single episode of…and I listened to them about as back to back as life would allow. Kudos to the writer/actor, what a fun awesome story in a fun awesome world. If you like dark and strange storytelling, give this one a try!

Amazing solo podcast

Amazing that this podcast is all accomplished by one man, great writing with an *unreliable narrator*, great sound editing, atmosphere, story and honestly, everything in between. I had been holding out to fully support on Patreon and reviewing but found myself unable to resist, even if this podcast doesn’t take over the world it has already established itself as a positively influential element on my life, give it the good old college try on a few commutes even if it starts a little slow you’ll be hooked before you know it!


I like this show a lot! It has been a fun story to listen to and I am very curious to hear more!!!

Weird and Wonderful

Engaging, unreliable narrator, fascinating premise, bit by bit worldbuilding leaves me wanting more. Instantly hooked on this lovingly crafted independent podcast.


Howie is an amazing unreliable narrator, someone who approaches his (admittedly unsettling) surroundings so off-kilter that it’s hard to ever be sure how his problems are going to resolve. It’s by turns uncomfortable, funny, and horrible, and I’m hooked.


Unique, lighthearted within a dark, unfolding premise. A captivating blend of many emotions. Very well executed. My favorite podcast.

Great podcast

Eerie and it’s own way. Very well written. Very strange. Definitely in my top 10 audio dramas

The Milkman of St. Gaff’s

Shows like this are why I love audio dramas. Expertly written, with a healthy dose of dark humor.

Very happy to have found this one!

Strange Lovecraftian tale. Well written and well paced. I’m hooked.